Feb 16 2016

3 Lesser Known Principles Required for Effective Family Business Leadership

by Scott Hackman, Partner, Family Business Advisor

Last week I was reading John Engles’ article on the 12 Markers of High Functioning Leadership and realized that they are important markers for testing successors and building effective leadership teams. As you balance both internal leadership skills and building better family business systems, here are 3 from John’s list I particularly connected with:

  1. Humble swagger comes with an internal compass based on accepting ones privilege. Owning your talent while also acknowledging the breaks that have been given to you. You might hear, “where else could I get this opportunity to be mentored and learn how to lead?” The tone of a “humble swagger” is confident gratitude.
  2. Discernment is the disciplined practice of self reflection. Most leaders are not trained to practice this skill in business.
  3. Connection with out fusion is when a leader observes their confusion. Confusion is a result of their attachment to expectations in their roles. When they are confused it is an opportunity to become curious about their attachments to expectations.

Read all 12 of John’s Leadership Principles Here!

Scott Hackman chairs two Rising Generation Peer Groups where he explores these concepts and more within a group of leaders working toward sustainable and healthy family business systems. To learn more about these groups, click here.

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