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For 2017,  DVFBC Educational Events will focus on the concept of Navigating Change in Family Business.

managing-transitions-bookWhile we often think of a family business as a steadfast presence in our community, we might overlook that it’s the ability to navigate inevitable changes in the family, business, and marketplace that really leads to success. Most of the life of a family business is lived in what we call liminal space, that place between the start line and the finish line, between “what it’s been like” and “where it needs to go.” And to navigate through that place we will need to build trust, healthy communication, strong commitments, and an uncommon resiliency to overcome obstacles

All members will receive William Bridges’ Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, which will outline some of the tools we need to make the most of the complex changes that take place in our overlapping personal, family and business lives.


Sep142017Best Practice
An Introduction to Family Councils

A family council is a place for the family to determine values, policies, and direction for the future. Join the DVFBC Team at this Best Practice Event and learn more about how to take the first steps toward a family council, and how it can develop each family member within a family business.

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How the “Purell” Family is Navigating Transitions in a Unique Way

The family behind GOJO, maker of Purell hand sanitizer, has reinvented the classic family business model to create Kanfer Family Enterprise (KFE), which allows every family member to work on his or her preferred venture, yet still be part of the family business.

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