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For 2018, DVFBC Events will focus on Authentic Leadership in the Family Business.

dvfbc events start with whyDecades of values, tradition, and experience form the foundation for family businesses. Each generation faces a more difficult challenge of transitioning to the next generation. Less than 20% of family businesses successfully transition to the third generation of ownership. They account for almost 80% of companies worldwide, though!

A family business is more complicated than other kinds of business enterprises, due to the natural complexities of overlapping roles. It therefore requires effective leadership. Effective leaders understand the complexity and help show the way. In addition, they inspire others to do more and to become more.

The complexity of family businesses requires leadership in the business, in the family, and in the messy middle of ongoing relational and structural transitions. Due to the importance of the job that family business leaders are tasked with, we made authentic leadership the focus of our events for 2018.

All members will receive Simon Sinek’s Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, which outlines some of the tools we need to identify our own “why” – our purpose. In turn, our purpose unlocks the potential to inspire others with authentic leadership, which is especially challenging in a family business. 

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Outside Leadership: Developing an Effective Board of Directors

In the family business, sometimes outside leadership should be called upon. Developing an effective Board of Directors can take your business to the next level.

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Oct172018Best Practice
Leading or Leaving? Is Your Family Business Ready for the Next Chapter?

Preparing for transition from one generation of ownership at the family business to the next can be difficult and stressful. Involving outside experts to guide you may make your next chapter a significantly smoother and more successful page to turn.

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Sharing the Wisdom of 30 Years of
Family Business Leadership

A celebration of 30 years of family business leadership, featuring Members from years past, as well as a celebration of successful transitions.

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Save the Date: 2019 Bill Yoh

Mark your calendars now to join us for our family business 

Our family business Mini-Conference will focus on leaving a legacy of meaning at your family business. Creating a culture where your team believes that part of doing well involves doing good in their community is an exceptional way to create lives of purpose. Come hear our keynote speaker Bill Yoh discuss how his father did just that.

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