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Feb082018Best Practice
Leadership Coaching & Strategies:
Find Your Why

Our kick-off event for 2018, which will set the theme for all our learning events of the year. Member families and lab members are invited to "find your why". Each of us has a "why" that can inspire great things as we improve and increase our leadership skills.

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Mini-Conference Keynote:
Designing a High-Functioning Family Culture

Mark your calendars now to join us for our family business 
Mini-Conference: Leadership & The Family Business!

Our family business Mini-Conference will focus on leadership in the family business, and how effective leaders inspire others to do more and to become more. Creating a happy, high-functioning family culture doesn't happen by accident; it happens by design. Come and learn from Mitzi Perdue, our keynote speaker, how to design your own!

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Apr192018Best Practice
The Inescapable Influence of Money on the Family Business

Money is more than just a measure of value and a mean of payment. Its influence reaches much farther. Without money, the family business would not be the foundation of our economy. Misunderstandings about money, however, can mean the difference between success and failure for the family business. A sense of entitlement, and a need for financial security are all indications of the impact money has on the family business.

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Leading by Relationship:
Communication in the Family Business

Communicate effectively, resolve conflict, build trust, and lead your relationships. 

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Jun132018Best Practice
Legal & Practical Aspects of Managing Your Workforce

Rules and regulations are constantly changing. Managing your workforce is a full-time job, one that requires special training. Come with your HR team and join us to learn more about this vital piece of your family business.

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Outside Leadership: Developing an Effective Board of Directors

In the family business, sometimes outside leadership should be called upon. Developing an effective Board of Directors can take your business to the next level.

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Oct172018Best Practice
Leading or Leaving? Is Your Family Business Ready for the Next Chapter?

Preparing for transition from one generation of ownership at the family business to the next can be difficult and stressful. Involving outside experts to guide you may make your next chapter a significantly smoother and more successful page to turn.

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Learning the Wisdom of 30 Years of
Family Business Leadership

A celebration of 30 years of family business leadership, featuring guests from years past, as well as a celebration of successful transitions.

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