of the Family Business Learning Community

Oct 06 2016
Event Time:

8:00 am - 10:00 am


HRMML, Lansdale


6 Practical Strategies to Grow & Protect your Family & Business Assets

Most business owners know how to grow a business. But what about creating a strategy to grow your personal wealth and make sure it’s not wiped out by a lawsuit?


Join Jon Samel, Esq. & Andrew Grau, Esq. (from HRMM&L), and Matt Novak, CFA, (Everence), as they come together to talk about six ways to both grow, and then protect, your assets so both your family & business will be more secure. They will not only help your family wade through a lot of technical and legal jargon to understand how it applies to your business but also help you determine small but important steps forward.