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Jul 11 2018
Event Time:

11:30am - 1:00pm



Who Makes that Decision?
Authority in Family Business

Join us for our first ever WEBINAR: Authority in Family Business! Authority is linked to who gets to make the decisions. In the family business, where relationships and roles are often complicated and complex, it might not always be the patriarch of the family who makes decisions that affect the business.

Authority in family business

Letting people with less authority than you make decisions means that you are loaning your power to them. Every business owner loans his or her authority to others in the company from time to time; there simply aren't enough hours in the day for a business owner to make every decision.

Further complicating the issue of authority are control and responsibility. How do they all relate to each other? How do they behave in a family business setting?

In a family business, as the owner, you are not just transferring and lending authority across the 5 Mountains. You are also frequently transferring authority down the generations.

As the owner of a family business, you might be struggling with the concept of letting go and transitioning out of day-to-day operations. Transferring authority is a necessary part of the process, even if it causes some discomfort along the way.

Join us for this lunch-and-learn WEBINAR, facilitated by Jared Byas. Attend from the comfort of your office or boardroom, or access this online event via your phone. We encourage you to bring your lunch and interact with each other.