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Oct 01 2013
Event Time:

7:45 am - 10:00 am


Heritage Hall at Calvary Church, Souderton


Brand Damage – It’s Personal!

In this seminar, Larry Linne will discuss how your personal brand is shaped by your actions and social media, and he will provide strategies you can immediately employ to create and proactively manage your brand.

“Your brand cannot be hidden. It is created by your existence and everything you do. If you don’t manage it, others may create a brand for you that isn’t what you want.” – Larry Linne

Larry will discuss how personal brand management is going to be a strategic initiative in all businesses by 2015.  He will provide strategies you can employ to create and proactively manage your brand.

Larry Linne is a nationally known speaker/leader in the concept of “second in command”.

Click here for a preview of Larry's book.


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