of the Family Business Learning Community

Oct 23 2014
Event Time:

8:30 am - 10:30 am


RKL, Wyomissing


Protecting Your Legacy From the Four D’s

Death, Disability, Divorce and Disagreement


It's hard for families to talk about death and disability, but those who avoid this fierce conversation may lead both the business and the family off a cliff!  When a key family leader dies or becomes disabled, the family and the business shake.  

This Forum will guide you in addressing  these questions.

a.  Are you prepared to protect your legacy from the unintended consequences of the four D's ?

b.  Do you have a plan in place in case the CEO suddenly dies or becomes disabled?

c.  Are your Emergency Management Transition letter and Estate Plan properly coordinated with your Buy-Sell/Shareholder Agreement?

Henry Landes, founder and DVFBC advisor,  and experts from FORUM sponsors RKL CPA and HRMML will explain the key elements of coordinated Crisis Planning, and the importance of written business continuation agreements with buy-sell provisions. 

Read the blog written by Paula Barrett from RKL CPA on why now is the time to plan!

Leave with sample crisis plans and other tools for protecting your legacy from  the unexpected.

This Best Practice Forum is presented in collaboration with Forum sponsors RKL CPA and HRMML.