of the Family Business Learning Community

May 14 2014
Event Time:

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel, King of Prussia


Communication Styles: Enhancing Group Decision-Making for Success

Join us for our first Dinner FORUM of 2014!

Back by popular demand, hear from Tom Rogerson, Family Wealth Strategist, Wilmington Trust, who says: "Everyone says communication is imperative for family success, but what the heck does that mean? Come and experience what it means."

The evening will begin with a brief presentation that builds the foundation for the need for effective communication, in both your family and family enterprises. 

Then, every participant will complete their own Interpersonal Leadership Style assessment*, which is a powerful tool that focuses on individual styles of behavior, their impact on the quality of relationships, and on one’s effectiveness in leadership and teamwork. The instrument measures how individuals choose to use power and how they choose to manage both physical and mental activity. Combining the two axes results in a highly accurate model that predicts individual behavioral patterns about how people think, act and communicate.

You will leave with:

- ŸŸUnderstanding of your own Leadership style and its strengths and blind spots
- Insight into the qualities and characteristics of other styles
- Awareness of how stress affects all 4 styles
- Learn how to master “unfiltered conflict around ideas” - a crucial decision making competency from Lencioni's The Advantage.

Come and learn more about your & your family’s communication styles so you can communicate effectively within your family and other working teams and experience long-term success!

* $25 assessment and booklet fee per registration

Tom joined Wilmington Trust in 2011 with more than three decades of experience in the wealth management industry.

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