of the Family Business Learning Community

Mar 16 2018
Event Time:

8:00am - 1:00pm


Radnor Valley Country Club


Mitzi Perdue


Mini-Conference Keynote:
Designing a High-Functioning Family Culture

Mark your calendars now to join us for our family business 
Mini-Conference: Leadership & The Family Business!

Our family business Mini-Conference will focus on leadership in the family business, and how effective leaders inspire others to do more and to become more. Creating a happy, high-functioning family culture doesn't happen by accident; it happens by design. Come and learn from Mitzi Perdue, our keynote speaker, how to design your own!

Mitzi Perdue March 16Mitzi Perdue gives practical advice on how a family business can develop a culture that supports keeping the family business in the family. Her advice can be useful to any multi-generational family.

Mitzi’s I’ve-lived-it experience comes from membership in two long-lasting family enterprises. Her family of origin began in 1890 with the Henderson Estate Company, the forerunner of Sheraton Hotels, which her father co-founded. Perdue Farms (she’s Frank Perdue’s widow) began in 1920.

The secret for the longevity of both families is: neither the Henderson family nor the Perdue family left their family’s legacy to chance. Using checklists, activities, stories, and tips, Mitzi shares little-known but practical techniques for teaching members that:

  • Family members have a responsibility to something greater than themselves;
  • Compromise, including understanding the other’s point of view, is key;
  • Membership in a family business comes with benefits but also with the need for occasional sacrifices; and
  • Elders are responsible for passing along key values and attitudes to the next generation

After hearing from Mitzi, we will have two breakout sessions - choose the topics that suit you best!

For the first breakout session, you can choose to attend one of these 3 topics:

  • Cultivating Family Business Culture: A Panel on Best Practices
  • Legal Updates and Real Life HR Implications
  • Are You Ready? 3 Key Areas for Leading Your Family Business Through Transitions

For the second breakout session, you can choose to attend one of these 3 topics:

  • Who Makes That Decision? Authority in the Family Business
  • Grow and Protect Your Family Business Assets
  • Diving Into Common Challenges in the Rising Generation

A more detailed description of each breakout session is forthcoming; we will contact you via email to select your breakout sessions.

Then we will reconvene for lunch and and final remarks from Mitzi.

Please note: Mitzi's latest book, How to Make Your Family Business Last, will be available for purchase at the Mini-Conference!