of the Family Business Learning Community

Feb 08 2018
Event Time:

11:00am - 1:00pm


Calvary Church,
820 PA-113, Souderton, PA


Leadership Coaching & Strategies:
Find Your Why

Join us for our kick-off event for 2018, which will set the theme for all our learning events of the year. Member families and lab members are invited to "find your why". Each of us has a "why" that can inspire great things as we improve and increase our leadership skills.

We will discuss how effective leaders in the family business understand the complexity of overlapping roles. They are able to navigate the messy middle to help show the way, thus inspiring others to do more and to become more.

Leaders also help their team members identify their "why", or their purpose. Having a purpose spurs both action and inaction, and results in clear goals and values. Authentic leadership is especially important in the messy middle of ongoing relational and structural transitions that are inherit to the family business.

Presented along with Premier EDU Partner Lacher.