of the Family Business Learning Community

Mar 01 2018
Event Time:

11:00am - 1:00pm


Calvary Church,
820 PA-113, Souderton, PA


Leadership Coaching & Strategies:
Find Your Why

**EVENT RESCHEDULED FOR MARCH 1st, 2018!** Due to member requests and schedule availability, this event has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 1st from 11am - 1pm. Please join us!

Understanding what we do and why we do it can not only give us clarity, but can actually inspire others toward a common vision. And this is vital in a family business! Join us for our kick-off event for 2018 where we will actually spend time "finding our why".

Effective leadership is a learned skill that can be honed and improved through self-understanding and self-reflection, regularly asking:

  • How much do I care, and does it show?
  • How can I show appropriate vulnerability?
  • Am I bringing enthusiasm & passion to my work?
  • How would others evaluate my listening skills?
  • Am I appropriately confident?

Understanding our why, asking these questions, and supporting others to find their "why" can help family business leaders better navigate the messy middle. It also shines light on issues, inspires others to do more, and inspires others to become more. Having a purpose spurs both focus and action, resulting in clear goals and values.

Authentic and inspired leadership is vital to the family business.

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