of the Family Business Learning Community

Apr 19 2018
Event Time:

8:30am - 10:00am


TD Bank,
Corp. Office, Exton, PA


The Inescapable Influence of Money on the Family Business

A clear understanding of money is often the difference between families who flourish and those who don't. Additionally, misunderstandings about money can mean the difference between success and failure for the family business. A sense of entitlement and a need for financial security are just two indications of the large impact money has on the family business. 

Money influence on family businessEducating the next generation about money’s power, privilege, and the legacy it can leave behind is of utmost importance. Money is so much more than just paying bills and indulging in the latest trends.

While there is no arguing that money will influence your family business, you can make it a positive one. Participants will learn more about financial security, entitlement, and generosity as they relate to the family business.

Presented with EDU Partners Matt Novak from Everence and David Glickman from TD Bank, this helpful event will uncover key indicators of financial needs, financial wants, and financial fulfillment.