of the Family Business Learning Community

Sep 27 2012
Event Time:

7:30 am - 11:30 am


Radnor Valley Country Club


John A. Warnick, Purposeful Planning Institute, Denver, CO


Parenting, Wealth & Legacy: Stories of Purposeful Families

Running one or more successful businesses and nurturing a great family is complex which leads to challenging, middle-of-the-night questions:

What is the impact of the business’ wealth on  your children and grandchildren?

How can your Family Council be a positive force, instilling lasting values to the next generation?

Join us to hear powerful stories of the heart by John A. Warnick, a “recovering” attorney who is passionate and gifted in guiding families through their journey.

Engage in interactive discussions and learn from families who are creating best practices in their own Family Councils! There will be opportunities to hear directly from families about their Family Council journey, including the Hoober Family, Hoober, Inc., a third-generation CASE IH dealership with five stores serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.

The cold, sterile structure of wills and trusts do not express the love parents and grandparents feel for their children and grandchildren - the faith they have in their descendants' potential to grow and develop, and the hope they hold for their future. John A.’s Purposeful Planning work is an exciting new wave of planning which brings greater meaning and satisfaction to families.


John A. Warnick’s (known as “John A.”) Seven Keys of Purposeful Trusts and Six Paradigms of Purposeful Planning are revolutionizing the way estate plans are designed and implemented.  These concepts ensure the impact of a John A. is quick to point out “my greatest teachers have been my clients.  It is through them I discovered the formula for producing not just tax-wise plans but plans that promote family harmony, individual growth and long-term preservation of family wealth.”

John A. especially enjoys educating children, adolescents and emerging adults in financial literacy, philanthropic service, and holistic family wealth principles.

Read John A.’s recent Seedlings blog:  The Eaglets' Dilemma

Through his own law practice, John A. also continues to provide cutting edge services for the design of multi-generational trusts to minimize transfer taxes and avoid state income taxes.  John A. is also a member of Kaleo, a collaboration of well established advisors to families-in-business and families of wealth.  Sally and Henry are also Kaleo Advisors.

Additionally, John is currently serving as co-editor of a book on best practices for trusts and is also working on two other books entitled The Gift of You and The Purposeful Trust Handbook

Prior to launching his own business, John A. was a partner in the Denver office of Holme Roberts & Owen LLP for almost eleven years after practicing in Nevada and Wyoming previously.

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