of the Family Business Learning Community

Nov 16 2017
Event Time:

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Columbia Station, Phoenixville, PA


How the “Purell” Family is Navigating Transitions in a Unique Way

The family behind GOJO, maker of Purell hand sanitizer, has reinvented the classic family business model to create Kanfer Family Enterprise (KFE), which allows every family member to work on his or her preferred venture, yet still be part of the family business.

Marcella and LogoGOJO is the engine of KFE. Currently Marcella Kanfer Rolnick and her father, Joe, actively lead  GOJO with their team of professionals. Joe is chairman and Marcella is vice chair. Joe's daughter Mamie Kanfer Stewart is a board observer and OD consultant to the company.

All the other family members work in the wide range of industries and philanthropies that KFE supports. Their individual ventures include such diverse industries as metal plating and men's fashion, and their philanthropic work covers areas like Jewish engagement and climate change. KFE's organizational structure is complex, but its mission is simple: to make the world a better place. Everything in the enterprise, whether for- profit or non-profit, must allow the Kanfers to create meaning and value together as a family.

Purell familyKFE has three domains: for-profit ventures, non-profit ventures and philanthropy, and family bonding and infrastructure. Every family member and spouse is involved in some way. The fourth-generation children (ages 1 to 12) are introduced to the family enterprise through age-appropriate games and projects at family retreats held every summer.

Marcella will share how their family engages by actively being in partnership across generations. Learn how Marcella encourages her fellow team members to seek possibilities to make the world better and champions sustainability, innovation, collaboration, non-stop learning and organizational effectiveness.

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