of the Family Business Learning Community

Sep 16 2015
Event Time:

11:30 - 2:15


Rodale Inc, Emmaus


Maria Rodale


5 Lessons from 4 Generations

Maria Rodale -  G3 CEO/Chair of Rodale Inc., the world's leading healthy lifestyle media company - will discuss her company's transition through the generations as well as highlight:


  • The importance of diversifying your business
  • Transitioning your business to the next generation
  • How to let go - moving away from what no longer works -  in order to grow the business
  • Redefining and reinventing your business
  • The importance of collaboration and embracing your company's mission

Maria is an activist and a businesswoman who has made promoting the benefits of an organic lifestyle both her personal mission and her business. In 2013, she created and launched Rodale’s, an online shopping destination that offers healthy solutions for a happy life.  She also started Maria's Farm Country Kitchen, a blog that offers a digital experience of the contemporary kitchen table: a place to exchange recipes, entertain visits from friends, and discuss timely issues.

The author of several books, Maria is known for her 2010 title Organic Manifesto: How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe.