Aug 8 2016
family business peer groups

Family Business Peer Groups

In addition to our consulting practice and emphasis on educational events, DVFBC also promotes peer learning through our Leadership Labs. These peer groups help accelerate the personal and professional development of family business leaders. They build relationships and accountability with others who are in a similar place and feel similar pressures.

Scott Hackman currently facilitates two Rising Generation Peer Groups. Jared Byas facilitates a group for current (family and non-family) Presidents and CEOs of family enterprises.

As JoAnne Norton says In Praise of Peer Groups, having a group of peers that you can share openly, honestly, and regularly with is indeed “powerful for family business.”

Lacher & Associates, one of our partners in education, published a blog earlier this year on a similar subject. They too believe in the benefits of a mentoring program. As they mention, “Mentees can achieve the following benefits through a mentoring program:

  • Skill development—Mentors teach mentees the skills and qualities they will need to succeed, along with familiarizing them with the company’s protocol and procedures. This, in turn, can teach mentees how to do their jobs more efficiently.
  • Continual growth—Mentors provide ongoing feedback to their mentees. They teach mentees how to take constructive criticism and apply it to their jobs. This type of feedback can feel less intrusive than regular performance reviews and employees may respond better to it as a result.”

Grow With Your Peers

Peer groups offer many other benefits. Interested in learning more about joining a Peer Group? We’d love to have you join us at one. So, contact Scott or Jared today!

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