• Speaking Our Truths

    By Scott Hackman, Partner, Family Business Advisor What an amazing Forum with John Engels at the Radnor Valley Country Club on May 23! I myself walked away from the event feeling both empowered to lead...Read More →

  • Navigating Transitions

    By Sally Derstine, Managing Partner, Senior Family Business Advisor I love learning and providing opportunities for others to enhance their lives, their families, and their businesses. On March 24, we held a Mini-Conference that featured...Read More →

  • 2016 Annual Review – Growing Awareness, Acceptance and Resiliency

    by Scott Hackman, Partner, Family Business Advisor For the past several years I have guided leaders through a process of letting go during their Annual Review. (See link below to download) We start by reflecting...Read More →

  • A Motto That Hangs on Our Wall

    by Brenda Bishop, Administrative Assistant A motto that hangs on our walls at Delaware Valley Family Business Center reads, “Our family is a circle of strength and love.  With every birth and every union, the...Read More →

  • Lessons Learned from Prince’s Estate

    by Jon Samel, HRMM&L – DVFBC Educational Partner The musician Prince died on April 27th without a will. Prince’s estate has been estimated to be worth at least $300 million.  When a person dies without a...Read More →

  • Regulations Encourage Family Businesses To Complete Their Succession Plans

    by Andrew P. Grau, HRMM&L – DVFBC Educational Partner The time to act is now for implementing family business succession plans that involve transfers of business ownership interests that are valued using discounts. Valuation discounts have helped...Read More →

  • Taking it Slow

    Almost 200 years ago, William Dickinson began producing salt at their family farm in Malden, West Virginia. In 2013, 7 generations later, sister and brother team Nancy Bruns and Lewis Payne began J. Q. Dickinson...Read More →

  • Family Business and Peer Groups

    In addition to our consulting practice and emphasis on educational events, DVFBC also promotes peer learning through our Leadership Labs. These peer groups help accelerate the personal and professional development of family business leaders through...Read More →


    by Jared Byas, Family Business Advisor One of the most important concepts we teach is that management and ownership are different. They have different roles and responsibilities in a company, legally and practically. If you...Read More →

  • What’s Your Legacy?

    by Beth Goshow, Communications Assistant Yesterday we learned about “Ways to Retire While Preserving the Legacy for the Next Generation”. Thought leaders Paula Barrett from RKL and Andy Santana from Fox Rothschild, along with our...Read More →