DVFBC Events, the heart of our learning community, since 1992!

At its core, DVFBC is a community committed to helping business families flourish. Our Educational Events are one concrete way we gather to learn and support business families of all sizes, industries, and generations!

2018 Educational Events will:

  • Provide family business education.
  • Build community with other Member family businesses, sponsors, and presenters.
  • Develop the concept of Authentic Leadership in Family Business.

A family business is more complicated than other kinds of business enterprises, due to the natural complexities of overlapping roles, and requires effective leadership. Effective leaders understand the complexity and help show the way, and inspire others to do more and become more. The complexity of family businesses requires leadership in the business, in the family, and in the messy middle of ongoing relational and structural transitions.

All 2018 Members will receive Simon Sinek’s Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, which will outline how finding your “why” — your purpose — allows you to gain clarity. Clear goals and values lead to authentic leadership, which is especially challenging in a family business. 

 This is what you can expect when attending an event:

  • Engaging conversation (and food) around the tables,
  • Input from family-business thought-leaders and DVFBC Educational Partners,
  • Applicable stories from our Members, and
  • Question and Answer sessions

Read more about Membership HERE.

Apply for membership online or call 215-723-8413 to speak to Beth!