Leadership Labs

Family business leaders require special skills, understandings, and tools to manage the natural complexities they face.

To accelerate the personal and professional development of current and next-generation leaders of business families, the Center offers Leadership Labs. These labs are a unique and proven development option, exclusive to family business successors or senior generation leaders transitioning to the next phase of their journey.

Our lab leaders have extensive training and experience in family business best practices, executive coaching, and facilitation.

As a member you will:

  1. Build Whole-Hearted Leadership Skills: Clear-Minded, Open-Hearted, Accountable
  2. Implement best practice tools in leadership, management, and other family business areas
  3. Create your own Success Profile and Annual Growth Plan, goals to which the lab leader and group will hold you accountable
  4. Claim your own voice and unique gifts as you stretch beyond your comfort zone
  5. Deepen your understandings and build competencies in business and ownership
  6. Gain counsel from others who are in a similar situation, providing objective perspectives

Membership includes both group processing and individual executive coaching. Contact Beth for more information on our Leadership Labs.

** New for 2018! **

Leadership Lab for Women: A Monthly Peer Group! Create goals and track your progress in monthly group meetings. In addition, your lab participation includes leadership coaching sessions to provide individual support as you develop the skills to become your best self. 

Please email Beth for more information.