Laminator’s Inc.

The Thompson Family

Second generation sibling partnership; specializing in branding business images.

We have worked with Henry Landes and Sally Derstine at the DVFBC for over 10 years. Our ability to successfully move through ownership transition was largely due to:

  1. Preparation work done in Leadership Labs to help build business maturity and leadership within the sibling partnership.
  2. Succession advice and guidance to lay a foundation for the deal within G1 ownership.
  3. Partnership meetings to discuss how we would work together after the deal was done and to craft our Shareholders’ Covenant.
  4. Family Council meetings to work on our family relationships.
  5. Succession Team meetings where we brought together Deal Architect, Financial Planner, Legal Advisor, and Relationship Shepherd (Henry) to finalize a comprehensive Transition Plan which honors our family relationships and our business.

"Ownership transition to the next generation is truly an odyssey filled with emotional highs and lows, a sea of intricate details, mountains of emotionally charged decisions, and winding roads through deep dark places created by the fears of the unknown that retiring G1 owners and the next generation must traverse. This is NO journey one should undertake without a formidable guide to encourage your family and hold you all accountable to each other!"

David Thompson Jr., 2nd Generation President, Hatfield, PA

The Thompson family presented some of their family's transition experiences at our Family Business Forum in 2008, "Building Family Muscle while Transitioning the Business: An Intergenerational Adventure."