Our Journey

Henry Landes

Sally Derstine

Scott Hackman






The Story of Delaware Valley Family Business Center


Delaware Valley Family Business Center is founded by Henry Landes.

Henry’s passion for family business was planted by his grandparents, who sold their family farm in 1929 and started a plumbing and heating company; I.T. Landes is now in its 5th generation.


Sally (Landis) Derstine joins Henry to launch the FORUM, a family business learning community which serves diverse, multi-generational families throughout the tri-state area.

Sally’s family launched a farm-based butcher shop in 1920 which evolved into Gra-Brams Meats, Inc., a second generation sibling partnership which included her father.


Sally and Henry join The Family Firm Institute, Inc., an international association of professionals serving enterprising families.


Henry establishes The Summit Group of leading national family business advisors.


Sally joins the consultation team and develops The Lasting Legacy Process™ with Henry.


Henry serves as contributing editor of Family Business magazine, a leading international resource.


Sally is awarded the Certificate in Family Business Advising by The Family Firm Institute.


Sally is appointed managing director and Henry begins to transition the management of the firm.


Sally and Henry create the Kaleo Network of Family Business Advisors. Kaleo, Greek for “calling,” is a national collaboration of premier advisors to families-in-business and families of wealth.

Scott Hackman joins Henry and Sally as a family-business strategist and leadership developer.

Scott’s family business background includes specialty coffee roasters, One Village Coffee, launched in 2007 as a founding B-Corp by Scott and his wife Andrea, as well as MyOhai, a network of strategy advisors in branding and communications.


Sally forms the Member Advisory Council as a “strategic think tank” for the FORUM.


Henry welcomes Sally into the partnership and assumes additional leadership as managing partner. 


Scott is appointed as Chair of two Leadership Labs.

Henry, Sally, and Scott engage in an “intergenerational” planning process which culminates with the transfer of ownership to Sally and Scott, a second generation partnership.