Our Family Business Members share the value they receive from Educational Forums.

Josh BalmerJosh Balmer:  Penn Valley Gas, Center Member since 1995
G3 Manager of Finance and Administration
Leadership Lab since 2011
Member Advisory Council since 2012

The Forum is a great opportunity to learn from family business leaders, through the formal presentations and the informal conversations that occur before and after the program.


amy fleming lambAmy Fleming Lamb:  Shady Brook Farm, Center Member since 2014
G4 Director of Marketing and HR

Joining the Center is a great opportunity to investigate how other family businesses work together to achieve success in business and in “family-ness.”  It’s helpful in having conversations of how we want our business and family to be run and not to run us!


megan hausman

Megan Hausmann:  Print Mail, Inc., Center Member since 2006
G2 Marketing and Compliance Communication Manager
Leadership Lab since 2010
Member Advisory Council since 2012

The Center provides us the value of being equipped and ready for change in the family business.