Feb 28 2013

The Role of Career Assessment in Creating an Amazing Life

It is often more difficult for next generation members in a family business to “know thyself” and to find their “own voice.”  Gaining self-awareness, insights and knowledge through a tried and true process involving objective assessments can be life-changing.  For these reasons, some Family Councils require or encourage family members to go through a career assessment and mentoring process.

Please read below for more from Linda Channing, DVFBC Career Assessment & Development Consultant:

As a Career Consultant, I have the privilege of “coming alongside” people in determining how their skills, interests, motivations, values and personality preferences translate into career satisfaction.  Participating in career assessment activities assist in:

*   Understanding more about personal operating preferences and comfort levels with certain tasks.

*   Creating a clear job focus by confirming preferences and interests.

*   Gaining a better understanding of an individual’s strengths and discovering how these strengths move you toward a distinct personal style.

*   Assisting in removing barriers that may limit career development.

Based on an extensive database of occupational and behavioral information, career reports will also help you better understand options and opportunities that can expand your possibilities. The outcomes of your assessment activities will help you ask the right questions, make solid decisions, and be able to articulate with confidence what you have to offer at each step of the transition process.

Finally, for clients who are job searching, finding opportunities involves far more than looking at job  postings. Researching companies and networking for information will require you to know and be able to discuss what you have to offer and what work you want to do. That’s where assessment fits in.

The self-knowledge gained from assessment helps you to shape research questions that are important to you, as well as speak about your strengths in ways that motivate your contacts to refer you for openings and share other contacts with you.

Career consulting can be a life-changing process as a teenager, young adult … or any age.

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