Jan 9 2013

Tools to Reach your Goals in an Authentic, Enduring Way

If you lead a business or manage team members, I highly commend this succinct, content-rich article  for your leadership development.

Growing out of his years as President/CEO of Campbell Soup Company, Douglas Conant shares some concrete practices which contributed to achieving individual and organizational goals at Campbell Soup:

1.            Collaboratively develop the WHAT and the HOW

2.            Declare yourself … and live by your commitments

3.            Respect autonomy

4.            Be consistent

5.            Remain adaptable

Simple-sounding statements; not as easy to implement – consistently.  I intend to ask my team how I’m doing in these areas.

In what areas do you shine?

Where are your growth areas?

How do you plan to work at these areas in which you’d like to stretch?

Give us a call if you would like guidance and accountability in reaching your individual, family, management, shareholder and board goals.

Final Note:  Drawing on my own experiences, these practices also apply if you are a parent, coach, teacher, or youth group leader.  (Caution, not advisable counsel for children under the age of 2.)

By Sally Derstine, Managing Partner, DVFBC

Tools to Reach your Goals in an Authentic, Enduring Way

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