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“It’s a rare person who can take care of hearts while also taking care of business.” This means that running a company well, by my definition is pretty unique. I wonder if that’s true.

In fact, I would say that for the leader of a business, that’s job 1 and 2. Taking care of the people and taking care of the business. I guess that considering all the “bad boss” horror stories, it really isn’t a question of whether it’s true, it’s a question of why it is so hard.

I know a lot of leaders of businesses. They all care. So why do leaders trip over themselves and trample on the hearts of those who want to follow them. In fact, some leaders have lots of followers in spite of their wretched people skills!

Steve Jobs is a notorious one. Apple employees begged to work for him, despite being berated! Contrast that with the Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was not only the visionary, but he created visionaries. It’s still left to be seen if Jobs really created visionaries or if people just wanted to be in the presence of greatness. Dr. King took people’s hearts and lifted them up to see where they could go, and when he left them, surprisingly early, like Steve Jobs, there wasn’t even a question as to whether his vision was an aberration.

What’s Your Style?

Everyone wonders if Apple can see the next future. Is it inappropriate to compare an iPad to Civil rights? Absolutely. Is it meaningful to consider how leadership styles affect the legacy of the leader? Absolutely. The heart must be spoken to, inspiringly.

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