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Questions Next Generation Leaders Ask

Guest post by Megan Reilly, Second Generation, PrintMail Systems Many next generation leaders did not come into the family business thinking the way they do today. As a young professional fresh out of high school or college, many family members enter the business with the mindset that it is just the right thing to do. You have…

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Changing the Story in Family and Business

Scott Hackman, Partner & Family Business Advisor Listening is the beginning of a better story.   In moments of transition we are faced with voices of judgment, cynicism, and fear. The voices we hear allow us to enter the process of transformation. Opening up our minds, hearts, and wills can guide us through this process. Listening…

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Keep on Keeping On

Guest post by Phil Clemens, 3rd Generation Chair/CEO, The Clemens Family Corp., Hatfield, PA From time to time, we all need encouragement to keep on “keeping on” when we are driven by a compelling vision or we are stewarding or creating. Read on for thoughts from Phil Clemens on this topic. What “rocks” are you…

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