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The July 31 Mini-Forum featured Private vs. State Exchanges, The Future of Employer-Sponsored Health Care at Indian Valley Country Club. Mark Lacher and Maura Derstein from Lacher & Associates presented to a group of 60 people. Mark and Maura opened the Mini-Forum by addressing the importance of understanding the influences of politics and the requirements of the health care reform law in our current business environment. However, they discussed moving past those issues to focus on what ultimately matters most: attracting and retaining engaged employees.

The topics included the right questions to ask regarding employer and employee benefits and what strategies are available to employers in regards to employer-sponsored benefits plans. In addition, we discussed how to best implement the strategy that fits your unique culture.

The discussion was very lively with attendees texting questions throughout the presentation. Here is a snapshot of some of the questions:

1. I heard something about employers paying tax penalties for providing private insurance under health care reform. Is that true?
2. Which carriers will be providing the benefits in the exchange and will the individual be able to choose a specific carrier?
3. Do you see PA offering more insurance companies now that there are exchanges?
4. If the company’s definition of full time is 37 hours, does this mean we need to provide those employees with 30 hours with employer sponsored benefits?
5. Have any pricing models come out for the state exchanges yet?

More Info Available

Yes, we did address all of these questions and more! In conclusion, you may have similar questions or want to determine your strategy for employer-sponsored health care moving forward. Lacher & Associates are featuring the topic again on August 16th at Radnor Valley Country Club and August 17th at Lehigh University. Both programs will take place from 9:00 – 11:00am. RSVP with your name, company name, and location choice to

We surveyed the July 31 participants, and 100% of the respondents said the Mini-Forum was a good investment of their time. Therefore, don’t miss out on this important opportunity for your organization to help determine your strategy for employer-sponsored health care!

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