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How High Can You Fly?

What are the driving thoughts in your head? Are you a CAN doer or a CAN’T doer? Much of our attitude is influenced by our family and the environment we grew up in. Mark your calendar now to join us on September 27 for our Breakfast Meeting featuring John A. Warnick on Parenting, Wealth &…

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What Does Leadership Look Like?

Scott Hackman, Family Business Advisor, DVFBC After 14 years of playing with the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning started his first game as the quarterback for the Denver Broncos this season. During a pregame show that was filmed earlier in the year, Peyton told a story about having to learn a “new language” at Denver. He…

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Catalyst of Love

This article was provided by Heather Chandler, G2 President, Sealstrip Corp, and member of DVFBC’s Member Advisory Council. Find out more about Sealstrip Corporation. What are the tests of leadership? When do we know we are a good leader? When can someone else look at us and say that based on what they’ve seen, we are…

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