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On Purpose Living

Guest post by Phil Clemens, 3rd Generation Chair/CEO, The Clemens Family Corp., Hatfield, PA What is your style? Are you by the seat of the pants? Are you buttoned up tight? Or are you somewhere in-between? Each of us chooses an attitude on how we approach life. We do the same for our family business.…

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My Dad Gave Me Something Better Than Money

Among my most treasured gifts are letters written to me by my father. He was one of my heroes. These letters include words of gratitude for me, my husband and our children…loving memories of my birth, my childhood and my adult years…and a sense of contentment with life. Furthermore, they reveal his greatness as a…

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What’s Your Boss Experience?

After reading the article below from Harvard Business Review, I thought about the Executives I have had the privilege of guiding for the past 25 years. I am interested in their own Boss experience throughout their careers. Furthermore, I’m curious about how their teams perceive them as bosses. I wondered about my team’s assessment of…

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