Guest post by Phil Clemens, 3rd Generation Chair/CEO, The Clemens Family Corp., Hatfield, PA

What is your style? Are you by the seat of the pants? Are you buttoned up tight? Or are you somewhere in-between?

Each of us chooses an attitude on how we approach life. We do the same for our family business. Is there one style that is better than the other, or are they just different?

The easy answer is just different. But, is that true? Is there one that will have a higher percentage of achieving your desired results?

I don’t believe that there is a “one size fits all” style – BUT, the more intentional you are about this area, the greater your chance of doing the right thing. Some of us by nature are not nearly as structured or disciplined, and allow that nature to direct us. If you are inclined to be that way, you will need to be more deliberate if you want to achieve your real purpose in life. On the other hand, if you are an individual that is extremely detailed, it may take a bit of lightening up, or your “detailness” will drive you crazy with the many uncontrolled situations that take you off course. The key is a balanced approach, no matter what your style is.

So, it is one thing to talk about your approach to life – this addresses the how we do it. The real question is what to center on. What is your purpose?

Understanding your purpose will change everything – maybe. If you really understand your purpose, not much will change except maybe your intentional approach to accomplish the purpose. If you have no idea what your purpose is – a lot could change.

Finding your purpose will take work. You first need to know what your God-given abilities and strengths are. This is essential. Your purpose will always center on strengths. Next, is self examination. What is your sweet spot? What do you do that you really love and it doesn’t even feel like work. That will put you on track.

The final step is to write out your personal mission statement. It will take several drafts. After you have written it, share it with those closest to you and ask them for feedback. Tweak it if necessary.

Now Apply it to Your Business

The same process goes for your family business. Find your business style. Remember, it may be different than your personal style. Next, write a mission statement for your business. Have others review it and help you think about the real purpose for your family business. Be on-purpose as a family business.

Go in a direction that leads to that purpose. Being on-purpose is what each of us is designed for. Are you on-purpose?

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