After reading the article below from Harvard Business Review, I thought about the Executives I have had the privilege of guiding for the past 25 years. I am interested in their own Boss experience throughout their careers. Furthermore, I’m curious about how their teams perceive them as bosses. I wondered about my team’s assessment of me as a boss.

We serve as guides in the most complex systems, which include Business – Family – and often Shared Ownership. As a result, this creates abundant opportunities for growth and development. This comes through deep trust, conflict, commitment, and accountability to a higher goal. This article talks about how understanding the collective goals of the organization energizes team members.

As a guide in family business transitions through leadership development, I have learned that most of the next generation leaders need to understand the bigger goal for why they exist. They both need and want to know why they are taking on the responsibility of owning the family business and leading people into the future. Accepting is not just second nature for them.

In conclusion, we have a lot to do in uncovering the unique stories and personalities of each leader in order to guide them as team leaders and executives.

Grow Your Leadership

What are you learning about being a boss and a leader? Keep in mind, the two are not the same thing! I invite you learn more about our Leadership Labs; they provide a safe place to develop your voice. Furthermore, the group will challenge you and hold you accountable.

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Henry Landes

Founder, Senior Family Business Advisor

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