Scott Hackman, Family Business Advisor, DVFBC

Recently I received this message in my inbox.

“Scott, thanks for injecting energy and clarity into our purpose for meeting!”

I am a co-facilitator of a Leadership Lab with next generation business family executives. It is a privilege to work with leaders striving for a lasting legacy in family and business. Our Leadership Labs exist to build on competencies through clarity in the strengths of its members. Furthermore, we have high expectations of each other.

Why does peer coaching in Leadership Labs accelerate development, resulting in high-level performance? Leadership Labs offer real time solutions based on the best practices of the collective gathered. Therefore, it matters if you are in the room, be it virtually or physically. One must show up to participate in the conversation and benefit from the best practices shared.

“Conversation is how we humans think” – Margaret Wheatley

Thinking seems to be a luxury, be it critical, process, design, or reflective. In addition, thinking produces better outcomes. Furthermore, thinking with the wisdom of a group who understands the natural complexities of business families, a Leadership Lab, leads to better results. Next generational leaders are faced with complex problems on a daily basis. The future of a great leader can be created one conversation at a time.

Why do I need a peer group if I have the Internet, friends, and colleagues? Also, the problem with too much information or advice is that it blocks the decision-making process. Making choices through adaptation to the ever-changing environment a business family leader is in on a daily basis becomes a muscle that is strengthened in a Leadership Lab.

Why is it necessary for next generation family business members to have facilitated coaching in these groups? This is necessary for dynamic and great leaders to emerge. The emergence happens through listening, naming, and awareness. This is the process of clarity.

Information and data are vital in making good choices, in making clear decisions. Unfortunately, leaders make most of their decisions in the grey space. With our developmental process of guiding values and vision based on purpose, most leaders start to avoid the necessary hard decision when clarity is not provided over time. Because the space is so grey, they stop leaning into the awkward and uncomfortable moments in their business family.

Leading Through Listening

Great leaders listen: scientifically, empathetically and generatively, to real-time stories from colleagues, employees, and family members. What (and who) do you listen to? In addition, do you receive counsel and criticism in a mutually supported, safe environment? If not, contact us to learn more about our Leadership Labs. They provide a safe space that challenge you to constantly improve.

Lastly, come join us at our November 14 Family Business Dinner. I will facilitate the Learning Community discussion on “Leadership in Legacy Families”.


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