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Beyond Best Practices … the Real Work

Best practices. We strongly advocate sharing family business best practices at our Forums, in our Leadership Labs, and in our consulting practice. Business families face extraordinary complexity. They seek to navigate, balance, and make decisions about overlapping issues involving family, business, and shareholdership. However, the deeper “work” and conversations these remarkable families must enter into…

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Tools to Reach Your Goals in an Authentic, Enduring Way

As leaders, I find most of us constantly seeking out tools to reach our goals. If you lead a business or manage team members, I highly commend this succinct, content-rich article for your leadership development. Growing out of his years as President/CEO of Campbell Soup Company, Douglas Conant shares some concrete practices which contributed to achieving individual…

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Getting Rid of Stuff & Giving Instead

By Scott Hackman, Family Business Advisor, DVFBC The holidays are full of events around giving and sharing whether you are giving presents from under the Christmas tree or sharing stories about family members. This is a season when people give gifts. This Christmas my wife and I started a practice with our three-year-old daughter. With…

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