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Self Trust, the Foundation for Your Success

In my previous post, I discussed the five circles of trust and the five domains of trust.  The core circle, self trust, is the foundation for your personal success, as well as for your ability to build trust in the other circles. I love this quote by Golda Meir because she reminds us that we…

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Trust & Trustworthiness

Stephanie Olexa, Strategic Business Advisor Last winter my Uncle John (91 and still living in his own home) called me because his daughter was out of town and he was not feeling well. He said he was “woozy” and wanted to know if he should call his doctor or just wait. Of course, I took…

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What Would the Lazy Person Do?

Stephanie Olexa, Strategic Business Advisor I remember it as if it were yesterday. I turned seven and my mother added folding laundry to my list of chores. Nice birthday present! I absolutely hated matching socks. My three sisters and I all wore brown knee high socks which coordinated with our brown Catholic school uniforms and…

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