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Can Broken Trust Be Repaired?

Stephanie Olexa, Strategic Business Advisor My husband, Seth, and I live on a 23 acre farm in Bucks County. Over the years we acquired an eclectic group of farm animals including six sheep, nine goats, two dogs, three cats, and a donkey named Barbie. For ten years, we enjoyed the large animals. And I can…

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Building Trust Bridges in Family & Organization Circles

Stephanie Olexa, Strategic Business Advisor On Thursday October 24, 2013 I had the great pleasure of attending DVFBC’s Forum called “Family Councils: Who? What? Why?”, hosted by the Pitcairn Family. The guest speakers included Leslie Voth, Dirk Junge, and Andrew Pitcairn of the Pitcairn Family and Lauri Lefever of Hoober, Inc. Sally Derstine, Scott Hackman, and…

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