This Gratitude List from DVFBC founder, Henry Landes, as he recovers from a broken ankle, reminds all of us of the importance of thankfulness throughout the year, regardless of the circumstances. 

I am grateful for many things, including:

My mother, Anna, who is 95 and counting. She is pleasant, steady, gracious, and clear-headed even as her body is slowly failing.

My siblings and our spouses. We care for Mom and each other, growing closer each year.

My good wife, Jane, who has cared for and loved me for over 46 years, through celebrations and broken ankles.

Our kids and grandchildren; we celebrated the best Christmas ever.

For the growing patience in learning to be silent… to listen in silence (“Silence is the language of God”), which is counterintuitive for me.

For the capacity to embrace God’s love for me in the “second half of life,” the foundation for an increasingly abundant life.

For the 50th reunion of our Christopher Dock High School Class of ’64. In our advanced age, we are now wise and humble enough to engage each other with grace, forgiveness, and joy.

For the exceptional leaders of business families who invite me to walk with them through the natural complexities they face. From them, I continue to learn about courage, commitment, and character.

For my remarkable colleagues at the Delaware Valley Family Business Center. As many of you know, I transferred all my ownership to Sally Derstine and Scott Hackman one year ago. Transitions are always messy, but it has been a really good year for all.

My Journey Continues

I have been invited to continue to work with selected clients and to download some of the “intellectual capital.” I’m loving my new role!

Feel free to tell me what you’re thankful for, and thanks to you for being part of my life!


Henry Landes

Henry Landes

Founder, Senior Family Business Advisor

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