Last week I read John Engles’ article on the 12 Markers of High Functioning Leadership. I realized that there are important markers for testing successors and building effective leadership teams. John highlights the importance of building internal leadership skills. He also notes the importance of building better family business systems. Here are 3 from John’s list I particularly connected with:

  1. Humble swagger comes with an internal compass based on accepting one’s privilege. In short, this entails owning your talent while also acknowledging the breaks you received. You might hear, “Where else could I get this opportunity to be mentored and learn how to lead?” The tone of a “humble swagger” is one confident gratitude.
  2. Discernment is the disciplined practice of self reflection. Most leaders are not trained to practice this skill in business. They are busy making that sale and running the business. Slowing down to reflect, as a result, appears to detract from productivity.
  3. Connection without fusion is when a leader observes their confusion. Confusion is a result of their attachment to expectations in their roles. Confusion allows for an opportunity to curiously investigate attachment to expectations.

Read all 12 of John’s Leadership Principles Here!

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Scott Hackman chairs two Rising Generation Peer Groups. Peer Groups allow members to explore these concepts and more within a group of leaders. Furthermore, Peer Group members push each other toward accountability and grow, working toward sustainable and healthy family business systems. To learn more about these groups, click here.



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