Yesterday we learned about “Ways to Retire While Preserving the Legacy for the Next Generation”. Thought leaders Paula Barrett from RKL and Andy Santana from Fox Rothschild, along with our own Jared Byas, did a great job encouraging attendees to first define their legacy. Determining what you want to be remembered for after you’ve retired is just one part of it. What’s your legacy of your family business? This is a difficult task that requires honesty, vulnerability, and self-reflection. Click here for the worksheet to help you define your own legacy!

In addition, we discussed why it is so important for the Senior Generation to identify what their goals and needs are to maintain a viable future. Furthermore, gaining the perspectives of the rising generation is crucial. With more clarity on these questions in hand, developing a financial plan that helps ensure the sustainability of the family business becomes a more manageable task. This is just one step, albeit a key one, in creating a Transition Plan.

There is a lot of information to navigate. Here are a few webpages from our sponsors that you may find helpful:

What Founders Should Know About Tax Planning For An Exit by Fox Rothschild
What Makes Your Business Valuable: Value Drainers by Reinsel Kuntz Lesher

Also, you might want to read a recent article from USA Today: Entrepreneurs, what’s your Exit Plan?

Make it a Family Affair

Make sure this process includes both the senior generation and the rising generation. Talking about your passions and hopes together makes developing a plan a shared process when you do so. Read 3 Family Business Transition Principles for more information!

In conclusion, if you need help navigating these steps, please contact our office! It’s our privilege to guide family businesses on their journey.


Beth Goshow

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