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A Motto That Hangs on Our Wall

A motto that hangs on our walls at Delaware Valley Family Business Center reads, “Our family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and every union, the circle grows. Every joy adds more love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.” I experience this truth first-hand. One of my warmest memories…

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Regulations Encourage Family Businesses To Complete Their Succession Plans

Guest post by Andrew P. Grau, HRMM&L – DVFBC Educational Partner The time to act is now for implementing family business succession plans. This especially holds true for plans that involve transfers of business ownership interests that are valued using discounts. Valuation discounts have helped family businesses “hit home runs” with regard to the tax aspects of…

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Lessons Learned from Prince’s Estate

Guest post by Jon Samel, HRMM&L – DVFBC Educational Partner The musician Prince died on April 27th without a will. Experts estimate that Prince’s estate is worth at least $300 million. When a person dies without a will (known as “intestate”), state law governs who inherits that person’s assets. Prince died as a resident of Minnesota,…

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