We are pleased to welcome Bill Yoh as the speaker at our March 15th Mini-Conference. Bill is an executive and third-generation owner of Day & Zimmermann and author of the recently released Our Way.

In addition to his recent book, Bill has an extensive portfolio of many published articles, interviews, and multi-media projects! Bill wrote Seven Gifts: An Open Letter to the Philadelphia Eagles the day after the 2018 Super Bowl parade. In the first 96 hours on his Facebook page, it reached over 50,000 people, and was then published by media outlets in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and became the theme of a four-hour radio show on which Bill was interviewed. To read it, click here.

One of my favorite lines in Bill’s article to the Eagles is: “You looked in the mirror to assign blame and you looked around you to give credit. Your place was among your teammates, not above them.” Many leadership teachings focus on self-awareness and addressing your own mindset in order to lead others effectively. It takes hard work, determination, and a team effort to beat the family business odds, and win a Super Bowl!

Register today to attend our March 15th Family Business Mini-Conference and learn more from Bill Yoh, as well as a panel of trusted advisors who have guided dozens of families through family business complexity.

Thank you, Bill, for crafting gracious words to say thank you to a team that brought a championship to Philadelphia! As my family also attended the Super Bowl Parade, I have to agree – our lives were changed forever!


Beth Goshow

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