Member Reflections on Navigating A New Normal! You heard from us; now it’s your turn. In the next few weeks, read what Members are learning about themselves and how they’re adjusting or reinventing their businesses as we move into the 3rd month of this pandemic. 
By Amber Neilson, Generation 3, Audubon Land Development, Audubon, PA. Amber is a member of our Women in Family Business Leadership Lab.

Covid-19 has definitely been a huge eye-opening experience for me and my family. It has taught me to enjoy those moments where I would get to see certain family members I do not get to see all the time.  Personally, I have learned that no matter what is going on in the world you have to stick together as a family and keep going. My dad always says, “no matter what, keep shoveling.”  That is so important to keep in mind during this crisis, especially because as everything is shut down, it is easy to get lost in the hysteria.  I look for new ways to produce, keep researching, and consider new ventures. I won’t give up on my family or business because they are going to be there to support me through tough times. I try to set my mind to something and can get it done with passion and persistence.

During this experience I would like to:

  1. Learn more about the finances in our business; help in any way I can to produce more and look more closely into expenses.
  2. Take everything I learn and try to apply it to the business.
  3. Learn something new every day by keeping my mind open to it.

My grandfather is a respected leader in our family; his positivity throughout all of this has been inspiring. When my grandfather speaks I listen; he has been around a lot longer and seen a lot happen to this country. Dwelling on everything that is going wrong will solve nothing.  “Do your best and forget the rest,” is some of the best advice my grandfather gives our family. It motivates me to always try my hardest no matter the outcome and I can see how if I “keep shoveling” and do my best, we can get through anything.

Amber Neilson

2019.11.19 Amber Neilson2

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