Member Reflections on Navigating A New Normal! You heard from us; now it’s your turn. In the next few weeks, read what Members are learning about themselves and how they’re adjusting or reinventing their businesses as we move into the 3rd month of this pandemic. 


During the COVID-19 crisis I have been learning how to slow down and enjoy my “at peace time”. So often our schedule is filled every single weekend and we are always running around visiting people or places. I have really enjoyed the slower pace of life. Even though we are still busy with a new house and doing the necessary renovations, it is a different kind of busy when you are on your own time and can really enjoy the things you are doing.  I have done just that: weekend mountain trips, camping trips, or just staying home and reading a good book; no matter where we are it’s wonderful to feel like we can breathe and just relax without the worries of tomorrow.

With everything going on it has also helped me lean into my role as a rising generation leader. Being an upcoming generation in a small family business it always feels like people are watching you, trying to see how you handle each situation. This pandemic was – hopefully – a once in a lifetime opportunity to show our employees how deeply we care for them and their family’s health. During normal times, my role is often referred to as field support, and this virus offered a unique chance to reach out and support them on and off the job site. It also presented another unique opportunity when both my dad and brother (other rising gen) were away on a trip. That left me with our foreman trying to make decisions for a small job we are working on now. Although that will never be my role, I really enjoyed the chance to experience what the construction side of things is really like.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I think in a couple of months, or maybe a couple of years, we will all be able to look back and find something good that came from this!

Hannah Swartley Hunsberger

hannah swartley2

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