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As I browse my LinkedIn and Facebook feeds this week, everyone seems to be writing New Year’s Resolutions. One post claims that 44% of us write resolutions. Not me. The idea of setting goals for the new year never appealed to me. I’m enough of a perfectionist that starting such a process just seems like…

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The Roots of Conflict

What are the real roots of conflict in our families and businesses? Communication? Values? Stress? Money? One of the tools we use here at DVFBC is the Interpersonal Leadership Styles (ILS) Assessment. I’ve always found these assessments difficult. I find myself analyzing each question and what the “right” answer might be. A recent Harvard Business…

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Communications 101

Communications should be easy, right? There are three simple elements: a sender, a message, and a receiver. We have the ability to quickly send texts, emails, phone messages, and even letters to get our message across. Much of the advice about good communication is basic and common sense — be clear, repeat the main point,…

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