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What got you here won’t get you where you want to go.

Most family businesses survived and even thrived in the early years due to hard work, major risk taking, dogged persistence, and family talent.  These elements aren’t enough to guarantee long-term success for the family OR the business.  Working smarter, not harder, includes finding the right advisors to guide the family and business through the normal and ongoing emotional, relational, management, financial, legal, tax, and structural complexities.  This takes discernment, time, and energy.  Hiring the best advisors who truly collaborate is one of the best investments owners make.

Sally will facilitate conversations with Henry and G4 Leaders Robbie and Karen Keim of Keim, Charm, Ohio to include:

  1. Wisdom and real practices gained from experienced advisors who have been guiding family firms and collaborating with other advisors on business issues, management and ownership transitions, while avoiding unintended consequences.
  2. How to select and evaluate key advisors, how to plan for Annual Advisory Team Meetings, and how Effective Advisory Teams often can serve as a bridge to a Board.
  3. The ongoing journey and discernment of 4th generation family business leaders who have upgraded their Advisory Team over the last 10 years, as well as all their 5 MOUNTAINS, including hiring their first non-family president.

G4 Leaders Robbie and Karen Keim of Keim, Charm, Ohio:

  • Robbie Keim:
    • Robbie is a husband, father, and G4 shareholder of Keim, a unique 110-year-old LBM (lumber and building materials) family business with retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution. The business has been part of Robbie’s life since his elementary years when he helped his parents with payables and payroll at home. His official employment began in late high school, at which time he began the path of learning the business by working alongside his father for years. His rise to leadership was marked by his initiation of change in leadership structure in 2010 and of the first strategic planning in 2011. In 2014, he was officially named President before his father passed away from cancer. In the years that followed, he navigated the myriad of complexities in the company, the family, and the ownership that came with the death of his father, the sole owner and patriarch, which activated a generational transition to multiple shareholders. Advisors have been key in the multi-layered transitions and instrumental to flourishing for the business, the family, the ownership, and Robbie personally.  In 2019, Robbie resigned from the Presidency, and the first non-family president was hired. Robbie continues to be actively involved as an owner and board member ( along with his wife, Karen, as they are laying the foundation for generations to come.)
  • Karen Keim:
    • Karen is a wife, mom, designer, and [first round draft pick/married in] who has been an active stakeholder of the Keim family business since she married G4 shareholder Robbie more than 20 years ago. She was officially employed at Keim for the first two years of their marriage and walked alongside Robbie and G3 for all of the years leading up to Robbie’s father’s death. Karen played the key role of researching and reaching out to advisors who helped the Keim business family and family business with the complexities of the generational transition. She also played a key role in assembling advisors for planning for the care and provision of an intellectually disabled family member.  Karen is currently the only family member officially employed at Keim as a direct report to the non-family president, while also serving alongside Robbie with ownership and as a board member. They continue to utilize advisors to lay a foundation for future generations of ownership and a hundred more years of business service and success.


September 22
9:00 am - 10:30 am
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