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Building Trust Bridges in Family & Organization Circles

Stephanie Olexa, Strategic Business Advisor On Thursday October 24, 2013 I had the great pleasure of attending DVFBC’s Forum called “Family Councils: Who? What? Why?”, hosted by the Pitcairn Family. The guest speakers included Leslie Voth, Dirk Junge, and Andrew Pitcairn of the Pitcairn Family and Lauri Lefever of Hoober, Inc. Sally Derstine, Scott Hackman, and…

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Liberate the Heroic in our Family Businesses

Scott Hackman, Family Business Advisor, DVFBC Last week I had the honor of listening to one of the business leaders who has influenced my worldview as it relates to business and leadership. John Mackey spoke at World Café Live for a Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce event. This is part of his book tour featuring his…

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Tools to Reach Your Goals in an Authentic, Enduring Way

As leaders, I find most of us constantly seeking out tools to reach our goals. If you lead a business or manage team members, I highly commend this succinct, content-rich article for your leadership development. Growing out of his years as President/CEO of Campbell Soup Company, Douglas Conant shares some concrete practices which contributed to achieving individual…

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