You are not alone on your family business journey

  • Do you feel confused and stuck thinking about the future of your family and business?
  • Are business issues starting to tear the fabric of your family?
  • Are you concerned about the future leadership of your business?

We are here for you and have been for over 30 years!

Since 1988, it’s been our privilege to guide hundreds of business families, helping them flourish as individuals, families, and enterprises.

Our family-friendly advisors bring seasoned counsel, principles, and our 5 MOUNTAIN® Process to provide the direction, clarity and confidence to reach your summits.


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Kris Cox, CEO of Cox Auto, Bradenton, FL, and his wife Mandi share the impact DVFBC has had on their family and business.

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5 MOUNTAIN® Process

The exposure to best practices and the real-life accounts of other family businesses is another asset to our family.

— Keith BrubacherG2 President, Brubacher Excavating, Inc., Bowmansville