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Helping Families Figure It Out

Consulting Services

We are a full-service Family Business Advisory Firm with a passion for and deep experience in guiding enterprising families as they move through generational transitions and the ongoing transitions, challenges and opportunities they face.

Guiding Enterprising Families Since 1988

Since 1988, our seasoned team of advisors – who all have personal family business experience – has guided enterprising families in navigating the complex Family, Shareholder, Management, Advisory, and Board issues using our 5 MOUNTAIN® Model.

We walk alongside and guide families, helping them:

  • Claim their strengths, name reality, imagine and create a new future
  • Achieve healthy independence as individuals
  • Form remarkably healthy families, sustainable enterprises, and well-designed governance structures

Our 5 MOUNTAIN® Consulting Services

We help you chart your paths – develop leaders, teams, and great governance – and build capacity for your journey up your Mountains.

Primary responsibilities of each mountain team:

  • Family Team: meaningful connections, individual and family development, and clear expectations and education regarding the family and the business
  • Shareholder Team: speak with one voice about mission, vision, values, and goals, and elect a Board of Directors
  • Board Team: balance goals of the shareholders with the needs of the business and select and evaluate top executive
  • Management Team: deliver goals approved by the Board by developing/implementing sustainable strategic plans, teams, and systems
  • Advisor Team: coordinate and collaborate to support the business and family

Our Integrated Services – Match Your Needs

Developing effective leaders who are self-aware, emotionally agile, and competent is absolutely vital in your current and next generation.  We develop leaders who often are responsible for navigating multiple roles and performing at elevated levels. 

Consulting Engagements

Customized to get you where you want to go – starts with our BaseCamp Process, deep listening process to all the voices, includes sharing 5-Year Visions

“You guided us to a strong and healthy cousin partnership in Generation 4, and we emerged as a stronger family unit.”

Brent Kreider, G4 President/Owner, B. R. Kreider & Son, Inc., Manheim, PA

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Executive Coaching

Individual one-on-one coaching to help family members to claim their strengths, find their voice and chart their direction—the foundation for strong partnerships and sustainable family enterprises.

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Peer Groups

Our monthly Peer Groups meetings focus on: the specific learning goals of each members real time challenges and support, knowledge & wisdom from experienced advisors, as well as learning from Executive Resources who have deep experience and expertise in family business issues and beyond. These groups also include Quarterly Executive Coaching Sessions (one-to-one)

“Being accountable, having a place to bring difficult situations, and getting group feedback is the value of our Peer Group which helps to bring about healthy processing and change.”

Robert Bergey, G3 President, Bergey’s Electric, Hatfield, PA

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Educational Forums

Real families learning from real families: throughout the year, we host thought-provoking, interactive Forums on topics of interest to enterprising families.

The exposure to best practices and the real-life accounts of other family businesses at the forums is another asset to our family. I look forward to seeing the next generation benefit from the framework we now have established to guide us through the intersection of business and family.”

Keith Brubacher, G2 President, Brubacher Excavating, Inc., Bowmansville, PA

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