Our mission is for business families to flourish as individuals, families, and enterprises.

Since 1988 when Henry Landes founded our Center, we have considered it a special privilege to guide business families through the incredible natural complexity they face as they yearn for family harmony and business sustainability. Using our intergenerational, team-building process, we begin with educating business families. We then help them step into delicate conversations, understand their many options, and consider implications.

We passionately collaborate together to build individual and team muscle, develop structures and policies that are in alignment with their values and goals, forge commitments, and implement decisions which transform family relationships, align shareholder teams, and build sustainable enterprises.

Our Guiding Values


We engage others with emotional maturity and mental clarity as we work toward measured results and healthy relationships, structures, functions, and roles to facilitate navigating multi-layered transitions.

Creative Adaptability

We bring deep curiosity and creative adaptability to our relationships and customized work with each person, family, and business.

Common Good

We seek the common good for individuals, families, and enterprises.

Let us help you succeed to the next generation.

Less than 15% of family businesses successfully transition to the third generation of ownership, even though they account for almost 80% of companies worldwide.