Since 1988, we have been guiding business families, step by step, through family and business complexity with our proven process built on our 5 MOUNTAIN® Process and the 4 Principles of Healthy Cross-Generational Transitions.

We provide direction, tools, and confidence toward your goal of family harmony and business sustainability.

Chart the Path

Family businesses have their own unique complexities. We design custom paths and plans for each family to gain clarity and confidence, all based on the 5 MOUNTAIN® Process.

Teach the Principles

While there is no one-size solution for business families, in working with hundreds of families, we have discovered, and now teach, important principles that set apart those who flourish from those who don’t.

Develop People & Teams

Each family and business system is only as strong as the leaders who are part of it. We provide leadership programs for personal, professional, and team development so that success starts with the individual and spreads to the family, business, and community.

Guide the Process

In addition to educating business families on the path and the principles, we lead and facilitate family and team meetings to guide them step-by-step. The business family journey is messy and a long and winding road; it is not linear. We celebrate progress, not perfection, as the journey is often 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

What is your challenge?

Our customized consulting includes:

  • Intergenerational Transition Planning
    • Management Transition Planning
    • Ownership Transition Planning
  • Family Council Development
  • Rising Generation Leadership Development
  • Leading Generation Next Chapter Development
  • Board Development
  • Family Business Education
  • Professional Advisory Coordination & Planning
  • Meeting Facilitation & Mediation

Invest in your - and your family’s - future now!

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