While every family is unique and the services we provide are customized to the values and culture of each family, everything we do is built on our 5 MOUNTAIN® Process.

Growing out of her work with business families, Sally developed our 5 MOUNTAIN® Process, which provides a common language, clear boundaries, and a proven process to separate the overlapping, competing, and confusing family and business roles, and plan for the journey ahead.

A successful family business journey requires a commitment to the continuous development of the Family, Shareholder, Board, Management, and Advisor teams, as well as each team member. And a commitment to lean into awkward conversations and be open to unexpected outcomes. The journey takes courage, compassion, and forgiveness.

We guide you every step of the way.

5 MOUNTAIN® Process
For Family Businesses

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Primary responsibilities of each mountain team:

Family Team: meaningful connections, individual and family development, and clear expectations and education regarding the family and the business

Shareholder Team: speak with one voice about mission, vision, values, and goals, and elect a Board of Directors

Board Team: balance goals of the shareholders with the needs of the business and select and evaluate top executive

Management Team: deliver goals approved by the Board by developing/implementing sustainable strategic plans, teams, and systems

Advisor Team: coordinate and collaborate to support the business and family