Our 5 MOUNTAIN® Peer Groups are designed specifically with family business leaders in mind.

Peer Groups are places to test and grow leadership skills that are needed in every family business. These groups are a place to learn from others on a similar journey, as well as experts in different areas, about how to navigate the everyday complexities of family business.  They provide a safe space to grow in self-awareness, healthy communication, and personal leadership — all skills needed to thrive in a family business.

We have a variety of Peer Groups based on the many overlapping roles played by family and non-family members in the family business.

Leading Generation

A peer group for anyone in upper management in a family business, or Legacy Generation, looking to develop better governance and learn from other leaders. We spend a significant amount of time around problem-solving and using the
5 MOUNTAIN® framework to share our goals and plans with the group, seeking feedback, accountability, and perspective.


Rising Generation

A peer group for anyone in the Rising Generation, or Next Generation, looking to develop as leaders in a family business. These leaders are navigating transition as the time has come to step up in their leadership (regardless which mountain of the
5 MOUNTAIN®s they are in), while also respecting the letting go process of the Leading Generation. We spend time developing self-awareness, communication, and personal leadership skills as well as listening and learning from others who are navigating similar experiences.


Women in Family Business

A peer group for women, designed around the particular challenges women face in a family business system. Whether your role is in the Family, Shareholder, Board, and/or the Management Mountain, this group is about learning, listening, and leaning on one another as you develop your voice and skills.


As a Peer Group member, you will:

  • Learn from Business Leaders Navigating Similar Complexities, Challenges, Opportunities
  • Learn the 5 MOUNTAIN® Process & How It Applies to Your Family Business
  • Build Personal Leadership Skills
    • Self-Awareness
    • Communication
    • Credibility
    • Intention
    • Consistency
    • Confidence
    • Delegation
  • Gain Clarity on Your Role Using Our Success Profile Tool
  • Set Annual Goals with our Annual Growth Plan
  • Gain Accountability from Peers and Experienced Facilitator

Peer Group membership includes both group processing and individual coaching.

Questions or for more information

Contact Sally at 215.723.8413, or email Sally@dvfbc.com.